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Moths of Peru by Jim Vargo

All photographs 2010 by Jim Vargo

Click on photographs to see larger versions.

Adhemarius gannascus - 105mm

Adhemarius sexoculata - 115mm

Adhemarius tigrina - 105mm

Adhemarius ypsilon - 110mm

Cocytius duponchel - 115mm

Madoryx plutonius dentatus - 80mm

Manduca pellenia - 100mm

Oryba kadeni - 115mm

Protambulyx euryalis - 105mm

Xylophanes cosmius - 83mm

Xylophanes crotonis - 90mm

Xylophanes docilis - 85mm

Xylophanes libya - 75mm

Xylophanes pyrrhus - 70mm

Xylophanes rhodochlora - 90mm

Xylophanes rothschildi - 70mm

Xylophanes undata - 65mm

7851 - Enyo lugubris - 65mm

7851 - Enyo lugubris - 60mm

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