Problems in Identification: A Series of Moths Showing Fresh to Worn Condition

Although adult moths live but for a short time they can show signs of wear very rapidly. Very worn specimens might look little or nothing like the examples presented in a field guide or on a plate here at MPG. If you are unable to identify a moth you should consider posting a photograph of it at BugGuide.Net where others may be able to help you. After logging in click on the "ID Request Tab" and then select "Add Image". Fill in the form and submit it. It would be a good idea to read all instruction under the "Help" tab.

  Diminutive Noctuid Moth -- Quandara brauneata

This is an intriguing moth and the smallest noctuid found in Maryland. One's immediate impression on seeing one is of a small Geometrid such as a Eupithecia. I imagine that they are probably sexually dimorphic with the females being somewhat larger and darker. Over a period of just a few nights I noticed substantial fading or wear. Jim Vargo's specimen is intermediate to the first two of mine.

07/14/2004 -- 12 mm -- [m.?] 06/04/2006-- 12.5 mm -- [m.?]

06/01/2006 -- 14 mm -- [f.]
11mm - Jim Vargo

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