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Links to Websites of Membership Organizations

Almost all of the States and Provinces have Entomological or Lepidopterist Societies that offer members an opportunity for education and social interaction. Those that have websites may be listed here. University departmental entomology clubs that do not welcome off-campus membership are not included. See the North America Butterfly Assn. website for the possibility of a local chapter near you.

  National and Regional Organizations

American Entomological Society
Entomological Society of America
Entomological Society of Canada
Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera at Biodiversity Heritage Library (the Lepidoptera Research Foundation website is no longer available)
Lepidopterist's Society, The
North American Butterfly Association (chapters)
Southern Lepidopterists Society
Society of Southwestern Entomologists

  State and Province Organizations


The Alberta Lepidopterists' Guild
Alberta Entomological Society of Alberta
British Columbia Entomological Society of British Columbia
California Lorquin Entomological Society
California Pacific Coast Entomological Society
Carolinas Carolina Butterfly Society
Connecticut Connecticut Butterfly Association
District of Columbia The Entomological Society of Washington
District of Columbia Washington Area Butterfly Club
Florida Florida Entomological Society
Georgia The Georgia Entomological Society
Kansas Kansas Entomological Society
Kentucky Society of Kentucky Lepidopterists
Maine Maine Entomological Society
Manitoba Entomological Society of Manitoba
Massachusetts Cambridge Entomological Club
Michigan Michigan Entomological Society
New York Niagara Frontier Entomological Society
North Carolina North Carolina Entomological Society
Ohio Ohio Lepidopterists
Ontario Toronto Entomologists Association
Pennsylvania Entomological Society of Pennsylvania
Québec Société d'Entomologique du Québec
Saskatchewan Entomological Society of Saskatchewan
South Carolina South Carolina Entomological Society
Tennessee Tennessee Entomological Society
Texas Dallas County Lepidopterist Society
Utah Utah Lepidoptersts' Society
Vermont Vermont Entomological Society
Virginia The Butterfly Society of Virginia

Moth Photographers Group  at the  Mississippi Entomological Museum  at the  Mississippi State University

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