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Submitting Photographs for Use on This Website
by Bob Patterson

I recommend that, in almost all cases, your moth photos should first be posted at BugGuide.Net. Photos that are identified to species at BugGuide may, with your prior permission, be copied for use at MPG. Likewise, photos of moths that remain unidentified may, if it is thought likely that they might actually be identified, be copied and placed on our unidentified moths pages for the future attention of specialists. I spend many hours each week helping to identify moths at BugGuide. I can most effectively do it there without the need for email correspondence and the processing of photos on my PC or in my email queue.

Occasional single photos may be submitted for identification to Webmaster -- Moth Photographers Group. Please insert such photos inside an email after properly cropping, resizing and brightening them (visit the topics above).

Any other submittal of photos directly to this website should be done only after prior agreement and instruction by the Webmaster. There is little time nor staffing for personalized treatment of voluminous material or correspondence.

Identifying Photos:

If you can identify one of the photos shown on one of the Unidentified Moths pages, please use the "click to identify" link below that photo. The email addresses and subject line will be filled in. Please do not change either. In the message box please give the scientific name and, if you know the Hodges number and common name, give them also. Your suggestion for identification will be placed below the photograph.

Identified Photos Archive:

If you agree to contribute photos for use on this website, any such usage will include a copyright notice under your name. An entry will be placed in the MPG Contact Directory giving your email address, and your website URL (if you have one). All contributors should understand that, in a sense, photo usage here is somewhat competitive. Whereas BugGuide welcomes many photos of any species, MPG limits the presentation to just a few photos that aid in identification of any species. Photos that better serve this purpose will often replace earlier photos.

Moth Photographers Group  at the  Mississippi Entomological Museum  at the  Mississippi State University

Send suggestions for additions to the Book List to Webmaster -- Moth Photographers Group

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