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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Identifying Unid. Moths -- Helping Each Other

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Other Unidentified Photos Pages:
  Links Photographer Location Photo Collection Detail
   RC Rob Curtis Midwest and Southwest Micros and Macros
   MDr Mark Dreiling Oklahoma Micros and Macros
   CWM Charles Melton Arizona Huachuca Mtns. Cochise County Moths
   TM Tom Murray Mostly Massachusetts Micros and Macros
   MP Matthew Priebe East and West Micros and Macros
   AR Arlene Ripley Arizona Dragoon Mtns. Cochise County Moths

Submitting Photos and Photo Archive:

Please see the page on submitting photos (link above at right). Photos that are identified here are retained for later use on this website.

Identifying Photos:

To identify moths, please use the "click to identify" link below a photo. The email addresses and subject line will be filled in. Please do not change either. In the message box please give the scientific name and, if you know the Hodges number and common name, give them also.

Moth Photographers Group  at the  Mississippi Entomological Museum  at the  Mississippi State University

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