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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bob Patterson – Bowie, Maryland
Uresiphita reversalis
4992Uresiphita reversalis
Genista Broom Moth
Pyrausta signatalis
5034Pyrausta signatalis
Raspberry Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta bicoloralis
5040Pyrausta bicoloralis
Bicolored Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta phoenicealis
5049Pyrausta phoenicealis
Phoenicean Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta rubricalis
5051Pyrausta rubricalis
Variable Reddish Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta orphisalis
5058Pyrausta orphisalis
Orange Mint Moth
Pyrausta tyralis
5069Pyrausta tyralis
Coffee-loving Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta laticlavia
5070Pyrausta laticlavia
Southern Purple Mint Moth
Pyrausta acrionalis
5071Pyrausta acrionalis
Mint-loving Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta niveicilialis
5073Pyrausta niveicilialis
White-fringed Pyrausta Moth
Udea rubigalis
5079Udea rubigalis
Celery Leaftier
Lineodes integra
5107Lineodes integra
Eggplant Leafroller
Diacme elealis
5142Diacme elealis
Paler Diacme Moth
Diacme adipaloides
5143Diacme adipaloides
Darker Diacme Moth
Diacme adipaloides
5143Diacme adipaloides
Darker Diacme Moth
Epipagis fenestralis
5147Epipagis fenestralis
Niphograpta albiguttalis
5149Niphograpta albiguttalis
Waterhyacinth Moth
Samea ecclesialis
5150Samea ecclesialis
Assembly Moth
Samea multiplicalis
5151Samea multiplicalis
Salvinia Stem-Borer
Samea baccatalis
5152Samea baccatalis
Samea druchachalis
5152.1Samea druchachalis
Nomophila nearctica
5156Nomophila nearctica
Lucerne Moth
Desmia funeralis
5159Desmia funeralis
Grape Leaffolder Moth
Desmia deploralis
5166Desmia deploralis
Deploring Desmia Moth
Hymenia perspectalis
5169Hymenia perspectalis
Spotted Beet Webworm
Spoladea recurvalis
5170Spoladea recurvalis
Hawaiian Beet Webworm
Spoladea recurvalis
5170Spoladea recurvalis
Hawaiian Beet Webworm
Diasemiodes janassialis
5172Diasemiodes janassialis
Diasemiodes nigralis
5173Diasemiodes nigralis
Diathrausta harlequinalis
5175Diathrausta harlequinalis
Harlequin Webworm
Diathrausta harlequinalis
5175Diathrausta harlequinalis
Harlequin Webworm
Anageshna primordialis
5176Anageshna primordialis
Yellow-spotted Webworm
Penestola bufalis
5179Penestola bufalis
Black Penestola Moth
Blepharomastix ranalis
5182Blepharomastix ranalis
Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix Moth
Diaphania nitidalis
5202Diaphania nitidalis
Pickleworm Moth
Diaphania hyalinata
5204Diaphania hyalinata
Melonworm Moth
Condylorrhiza vestigialis
5215Condylorrhiza vestigialis
The Alamo Moth
Palpita quadristigmalis
5218Palpita quadristigmalis
Four-spotted Palpita Moth
Palpita freemanalis
5225Palpita freemanalis
Freeman's Palpita Moth
Palpita magniferalis
5226Palpita magniferalis
Splendid Palpita Moth
Palpita aenescentalis
5227Palpita aenescentalis
Palpita aenescentalis
5227Palpita aenescentalis
Polygrammodes eleuata
5230Polygrammodes eleuata
Red-spotted Sweetpotato Moth
Pantographa limata
5241Pantographa limata
Basswood Leafroller
Lygropia rivulalis
5250Lygropia rivulalis
Bog Lygropia Moth
Psara obscuralis
5268Psara obscuralis
Obscure Psara Moth
Herpetogramma bipunctalis
5272Herpetogramma bipunctalis
Southern Beet Webworm
Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
5274Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
Dusky Herpetogramma Moth
Herpetogramma pertextalis
5275Herpetogramma pertextalis
Bold-feathered Grass Moth
Herpetogramma aeglealis
5280Herpetogramma aeglealis
Serpentine Webworm
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