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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Brent Steury – McLean, Virginia
Olceclostera angelica
7665Olceclostera angelica
Angel Moth
Tolype notialis
7674Tolype notialis
Small Tolype Moth
Citheronia regalis
7706Citheronia regalis
Regal Moth
Datana angusii
7903Datana angusii
Angus's Datana
Heterocampa biundata
7995Heterocampa biundata
Wavy-Lined Heterocampa
Hypercompe scribonia
8146Hypercompe scribonia
Giant Leopard Moth
Euchaetes egle
8238Euchaetes egle
Milkweed Tussock Moth
Dasychira basiflava
8296Dasychira basiflava
Yellow-based Tussock Moth
Palthis asopialis
8398Palthis asopialis
Faint-spotted Palthis Moth
Plusiodonta compressipalpis
8534Plusiodonta compressipalpis
Moonseed Moth
Catocala piatrix
8771Catocala piatrix
Penitent Underwing Moth
Acronicta americana
9200Acronicta americana
American Dagger
Acronicta lobeliae
9238Acronicta lobeliae
Greater Oak Dagger
Acronicta lithospila
9266Acronicta lithospila
Streaked Dagger
Papaipema insulidens
9488Papaipema insulidens
Ragwort Stem Borer
Basilodes pepita
9781Basilodes pepita
Gold Moth
Lithophane signosa
9895Lithophane signosa
Signate Pinion Moth
Leucania ursula
10461Leucania ursula
Ursula Wainscot Moth
Pseudorthodes vecors
10578Pseudorthodes vecors
Small Brown Quaker Moth
Xestia dolosa
10942.1Xestia dolosa
Greater Black-letter Dart
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