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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Carol Davis – Taylorsville, Utah
Gazoryctra pulcher
0026Gazoryctra pulcher
Prolita jubata
1889Prolita jubata
Prolita jubata
1889Prolita jubata
Pelochrista galenapunctana
3045Pelochrista galenapunctana
Suleima baracana
3216Suleima baracana
Suleima baracana
3216Suleima baracana
Evergestis obliqualis
4912Evergestis obliqualis
Cornifrons actualis
4922Cornifrons actualis
Pyrausta subsequalis
5060Pyrausta subsequalis
Pyrausta borealis
5060.1Pyrausta borealis
Northern Pyrausta Moth
Diastictis fracturalis
5256Diastictis fracturalis
Fractured Western Snout Moth
Crambus praefectellus
5355Crambus praefectellus
Common Grass-veneer
Agriphila plumbifimbriellus
5397Agriphila plumbifimbriellus
Euchromius californicalis
5455Euchromius californicalis
California Grass-veneer
Stenoptilodes antirrhina
6123Stenoptilodes antirrhina
Stenoptilodes antirrhina
6123Stenoptilodes antirrhina
Alsophila pometaria
6258Alsophila pometaria
Fall Cankerworm Moth
Philtraea utahensis
6846Philtraea utahensis
Plataea trilinearia
6926Plataea trilinearia
Sagebrush Girdle Moth
Prorella leucata
7613Prorella leucata
Gnophaela vermiculata
8037Gnophaela vermiculata
Police Car Moth
Cisthene angelus
8070Cisthene angelus
Angel Lichen Moth
Lycomorpha grotei
8083Lycomorpha grotei
Tarache augustipennis
9111Tarache augustipennis
Narrow-winged Midget Moth
Oligia rampartensis
9414.1Oligia rampartensis
Spodoptera praefica
9667Spodoptera praefica
Western Yellowstriped Armyworm M.
Hecatera dysodea
10270.1Hecatera dysodea
Small Ranunculus Moth
Euxoa idahoensis
10826Euxoa idahoensis
Ufeus hulstii
11052.1Ufeus hulstii
Heliothis phloxiphaga
11072Heliothis phloxiphaga
Darker Spotted Straw Moth
Schinia acutilinea
11150.1Schinia acutilinea
Schinia unimacula
11188Schinia unimacula
Rabbitbush Flower Moth
Schinia unimacula
11188Schinia unimacula
Rabbitbush Flower Moth
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