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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Doug Macaulay – Peace River, Alberta
Coleophora mayrella
1387Coleophora mayrella
Metallic Coleophora Moth
Sesia tibiale
2543Sesia tibiale
American Hornet Moth
Choreutis diana
2651Choreutis diana
Diana's Choreutis Moth
Pelochrista dorsisignatana
3116Pelochrista dorsisignatana
Triangle-backed Eucosma Moth
Geina tenuidactylus
6092Geina tenuidactylus
Slender-lobed Plume (Himmelman's Plume Moth)
Gillmeria albertae
6116Gillmeria albertae
Lycia ursaria
6651Lycia ursaria
Stout Spanworm Moth
Phyllodesma americana
7687Phyllodesma americana
Lappet Moth
Gluphisia avimacula
7933Gluphisia avimacula
Four-spotted Gluphisia
Dodia tarandus
8128.3Dodia tarandus
Arctia parthenos
8162Arctia parthenos
St. Lawrence Tiger Moth
Gynaephora rossii
8290Gynaephora rossii
Catocala briseis
8817Catocala briseis
Briseis Underwing Moth
Autographa sansoni
8910Autographa sansoni
Syngrapha parilis
8948Syngrapha parilis
Acronicta quadrata
9224Acronicta quadrata
Feralia jocosa
10005Feralia jocosa
Joker Moth
Feralia jocosa
10005Feralia jocosa
Joker Moth
Feralia comstocki
10008Feralia comstocki
Comstock's Sallow Moth
Sympistis zetterstedtii
10159Sympistis zetterstedtii
Lasionycta mutilata
10360Lasionycta mutilata
Xestia maculata
10981Xestia maculata
Xestia maculata
10981Xestia maculata
Cerastis salicarum
10996Cerastis salicarum
Willow Dart
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