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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Elliotte R. Harold – Irvine, California
Monopis crocicapitella
0415Monopis crocicapitella
Bird Nest Moth
Aristotelia adenostomae
1727Aristotelia adenostomae
Leucogoniella californica
1848Leucogoniella californica
Hellula rogatalis
4846Hellula rogatalis
Cabbage Webworm
Scybalistodes periculosalis
4853Scybalistodes periculosalis
Stegea salutalis
4865Stegea salutalis
Dicymolomia opuntialis
4891Dicymolomia opuntialis
Mecyna sp.
5138.97Mecyna sp.
Unidentified Macyna Moths
Euchromius ocellea
5454Euchromius ocellea
Aglossa electalis
5513Aglossa electalis
Aglossa cacamica
5514Aglossa cacamica
Digrammia irrorata
6395Digrammia irrorata
Rindgea flaviterminata
6412Rindgea flaviterminata
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Horned Spanworm Moth
Idaea occidentaria
7117Idaea occidentaria
Heteranassa mima
8659Heteranassa mima
Autographa californica
8914Autographa californica
Alfalfa Looper Moth
Autographa californica
8914Autographa californica
Alfalfa Looper Moth
Oligia divesta
9559Oligia divesta
Unciella primula
10111Unciella primula
Unciella primula
10111Unciella primula
Peridroma saucia
10915Peridroma saucia
Variegated Cutworm
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