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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Gordon Harrison – Haliburton, Ontario
Melanolophia signataria
6621Melanolophia signataria
Signate Melanolophia Moth
Erannis tiliaria
6665Erannis tiliaria
Linden Looper Moth
Spodolepis substriataria
6799Spodolepis substriataria
Petrophora subaequaria
6804Petrophora subaequaria
Northern Petrophora Moth
Operophtera bruceata
7437Operophtera bruceata
Bruce Spanworm Moth
Cladara atroliturata
7639Cladara atroliturata
Scribbler Moth
Furcula cinerea
7937Furcula cinerea
Gray Furcula
Spilosoma dubia
8136Spilosoma dubia
Dubious Tiger Moth
Dasychira pinicola
8305Dasychira pinicola
Pine Tussock Moth
Zanclognatha protumnusalis
8349Zanclognatha protumnusalis
Zanclognatha dentata
8349.1Zanclognatha dentata
Baileya ophthalmica
8970Baileya ophthalmica
Eyed Baileya Moth
Leuconycta diphteroides
9065Leuconycta diphteroides
Green Leuconycta Moth
Acronicta lepusculina
9205Acronicta lepusculina
Cottonwood Dagger
Acronicta fallax
9281Acronicta fallax
Green Marvel
Lithophane innominata
9888Lithophane innominata
Nameless Pinion Moth
Lithophane baileyi
9902Lithophane baileyi
Bailey's Pinion Moth
Feralia jocosa
10005Feralia jocosa
Joker Moth
Orthosia hibisci
10495Orthosia hibisci
Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth
Egira dolosa
10513Egira dolosa
Feltia mollis
10644Feltia mollis
Feltia jaculifera
10670Feltia jaculifera
Dingy Cutworm
Euxoa divergens
10702Euxoa divergens
Divergent Dart
Cerastis tenebrifera
10994Cerastis tenebrifera
Reddish Speckled Dart
Cerastis tenebrifera
10994Cerastis tenebrifera
Reddish Speckled Dart
Ufeus satyricus
11051Ufeus satyricus
Grote's Satyr Moth
Ufeus satyricus
11051Ufeus satyricus
Grote's Satyr Moth
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