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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Gary Phillips – Conway, South Carolina
Inga sparsiciliella
1034Inga sparsiciliella
Black-marked Inga Moth
Patania silicalis
5243Patania silicalis
Herbivorous Patania Moth
Crambus quinquareatus
5369Crambus quinquareatus
Large-striped Grass-veneer
Parapediasia decorellus
5450Parapediasia decorellus
Graceful Grass-veneer
Sciota subfuscella
5789Sciota subfuscella
Striped Sumac Leafroller
Dioryctria amatella
5853Dioryctria amatella
Southern Pineconeworm
Dioryctria merkeli
5854.1Dioryctria merkeli
Loblolly Pineconeworm
Protoboarmia porcelaria
6598Protoboarmia porcelaria
Porcelain Gray Moth
Ilexia intractata
6711Ilexia intractata
Black-dotted Ruddy Moth
Cymatophora approximaria
6745Cymatophora approximaria
Giant Gray Moth
Nemoria lixaria
7033Nemoria lixaria
Red-bordered Emerald Moth
Scopula compensata
7152Scopula compensata
Dyspteris abortivaria
7648Dyspteris abortivaria
Badwing Moth
Dasychira basiflava
8296Dasychira basiflava
Yellow-based Tussock Moth
Dasychira meridionalis
8298Dasychira meridionalis
Southern Tussock Moth
Zanclognatha atrilineella
8346Zanclognatha atrilineella
Zanclognatha sp.
8354.97Zanclognatha sp.
Redectis pygmaea
8400Redectis pygmaea
Pygmy Redectis Moth
Melanomma auricinctaria
8412Melanomma auricinctaria
Gold-lined Melanomma Moth
Sigela brauneata
8432Sigela brauneata
Metalectra tantillus
8502Metalectra tantillus
Black Fungus Moth
Cutina albopunctella
8728Cutina albopunctella
Cutina distincta
8729Cutina distincta
Distinguished Cypress Owlet
Catocala muliercula
8774Catocala muliercula
Little Wife Underwing Moth
Catocala micronympha
8876Catocala micronympha
Little Nymph Underwing Moth
Homophoberia apicosa
9057Homophoberia apicosa
Black Wedge-spot Moth
Meropleon cosmion
9425Meropleon cosmion
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