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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Jim Escoffier – Merritt Island, Florida
Mimoschinia rufofascialis
4826Mimoschinia rufofascialis
Rufous-banded Crambid Moth
Evergestis subterminalis
4910Evergestis subterminalis
Crocidophora tuberculalis
4945Crocidophora tuberculalis
Pale-winged Crocidiphora Moth
Pyrausta fodinalis
5074Pyrausta fodinalis
Asciodes gordialis
5267Asciodes gordialis
Bougainvillea Caterpillar Moth
Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
5274Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
Dusky Herpetogramma Moth
Chrysoteuchia topiarius
5391Chrysoteuchia topiarius
Topiary Grass-veneer
Erastria cruentaria
6705Erastria cruentaria
Thin-Lined Erastria Moth
Lobocleta ossularia
7094Lobocleta ossularia
Drab Brown Wave
Scopula timandrata
7160Scopula timandrata
Leptostales sp.
7180.99Leptostales sp.
Dysstroma citrata
7182Dysstroma citrata
Dark Marbled Carpet Moth
Disclisioprocta stellata
7417Disclisioprocta stellata
Somber Carpet Moth
Pachysphinx occidentalis
7829Pachysphinx occidentalis
Western Poplar Sphinx Moth
Seirarctia echo
8130Seirarctia echo
Echo Moth
Litoprosopus futilis
8556Litoprosopus futilis
Palmetto Borer
Melipotis jucunda
8607Melipotis jucunda
Merry Melipotis Moth
Mocis disseverans
8746Mocis disseverans
Yellow Mocis Moth
Acontia coquillettii
9163Acontia coquillettii
Leucania incognita
10450Leucania incognita
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