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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Joanne Shuman – Stafford, Virginia
Agonopterix argillacea
0889Agonopterix argillacea
Agonopterix argillacea
0889Agonopterix argillacea
Gonioterma mistrella
1032Gonioterma mistrella
Acleris nivisellana
3510Acleris nivisellana
Snowy-shouldered Acleris Moth
Pandemis lamprosana
3593Pandemis lamprosana
Woodgrain Leafroller
Glaphyria fulminalis
4873Glaphyria fulminalis
Black-patched Glaphyria Moth
Crocidophora tuberculalis
4945Crocidophora tuberculalis
Pale-winged Crocidiphora Moth
Crambus praefectellus
5355Crambus praefectellus
Common Grass-veneer
Arta statalis
5566Arta statalis
Posturing Arta Moth
Pococera robustella
5595Pococera robustella
Pine Webworm
Aphomia terrenella
5630Aphomia terrenella
Terrenella Bee Moth
Dioryctria disclusa
5847Dioryctria disclusa
Webbing Coneworm Moth
Macaria granitata
6352Macaria granitata
Granite Moth
Iridopsis vellivolata
6582Iridopsis vellivolata
Large Purplish Gray Moth
Hypagyrtis esther
6655Hypagyrtis esther
Esther Moth
Euchlaena obtusaria
6726Euchlaena obtusaria
Obtuse Euchlaena Moth
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Large Lace-border Moth
Lapara coniferarum
7816Lapara coniferarum
Southern Pine Sphinx Moth
Gluphisia septentrionis
7931Gluphisia septentrionis
Common Gluphisia
Misogada unicolor
7974Misogada unicolor
Drab Prominent
Hyparpax aurora
8022Hyparpax aurora
Pink Prominent
Apantesis parthenice
8196Apantesis parthenice
Parthenice Tiger Moth
Halysidota harrisii
8204Halysidota harrisii
Sycamore Tussock Moth
Macrochilo litophora
8358Macrochilo litophora
Brown-lined Owlet
Tetanolita mynesalis
8366Tetanolita mynesalis
Smoky Tetanolita Moth
Scolecocampa liburna
8514Scolecocampa liburna
Deadwood Borer
Trichoplusia ni
8887Trichoplusia ni
Cabbage Looper Moth
Nycteola metaspilella
8978Nycteola metaspilella
Forgotten Frigid Owlet
Meganola minuscula
8983Meganola minuscula
Confused Meganola Moth
Acronicta increta
9249Acronicta increta
Eclipsed Oak Dagger
Lacinipolia explicata
10413Lacinipolia explicata
Explicit Arches Moth
Leucania adjuta
10456Leucania adjuta
Adjutant Wainscot Moth
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