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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Kevin Hall – Lacey, Washington
Cosmopterix fernaldella
1496Cosmopterix fernaldella
Fernald's Cosmopterix Moth
Dichomeris marginella
2282Dichomeris marginella
Juniper Webworm
Eidophasia vanella
2365Eidophasia vanella
Eidophasia vanella
2365Eidophasia vanella
Swammerdamia pyrella
2414Swammerdamia pyrella
Rufous-tipped Swammerdamia Moth
Swammerdamia pyrella
2414Swammerdamia pyrella
Rufous-tipped Swammerdamia Moth
Zeiraphera improbana
3241Zeiraphera improbana
Larch Needleworm Moth
Rhopobota naevana
3276Rhopobota naevana
Holly Tortrix
Archips rosana
3650Archips rosana
Rose Tortrix
Clepsis consimilana
3683Clepsis consimilana
Thyraylia nana
3778Thyraylia nana
Eudonia torniplagalis
4726Eudonia torniplagalis
Amblyptilia pica
6118Amblyptilia pica
Geranium Plume Moth
Macaria lorquinaria
6324Macaria lorquinaria
Lorquin's Angle Moth
Plemyria georgii
7216Plemyria georgii
George's Carpet Moth
Operophtera bruceata
7437Operophtera bruceata
Bruce Spanworm Moth
Pheosia californica
7923Pheosia californica
Autographa californica
8914Autographa californica
Alfalfa Looper Moth
Xestia xanthographa
10945Xestia xanthographa
Square-spot Rustic Moth
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