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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Richard Wolfert – East Brunswick, New Jersey
Leucomele miriamella
0282Leucomele miriamella
Phyllonorycter basistrigella
0738Phyllonorycter basistrigella
Perimede erransella
1623Perimede erransella
Glaphyria sesquistrialis
4870Glaphyria sesquistrialis
White-roped Glaphyria Moth
Crambus praefectellus
5355Crambus praefectellus
Common Grass-veneer
Fissicrambus mutabilis
5435Fissicrambus mutabilis
Changeable Grass-veneer
Condylolomia participialis
5571Condylolomia participialis
Drab Condylolomia Moth
Salebriaria rufimaculatella
5775.2Salebriaria rufimaculatella
Sciota virgatella
5797Sciota virgatella
Black-spotted Leafroller
Operophtera bruceata
7437Operophtera bruceata
Bruce Spanworm Moth
Crambidia xanthocorpa
8053.1Crambidia xanthocorpa
Zale aeruginosa
8694Zale aeruginosa
Green-dusted Zale Moth
Zale undularis
8695Zale undularis
Black Zale Moth
Zale unilineata
8716Zale unilineata
One-lined Zale Moth
Catocala retecta
8788Catocala retecta
Yellow-gray Underwing Moth
Autographa precationis
8908Autographa precationis
Common Looper Moth
Macronoctua onusta
9452Macronoctua onusta
Iris Borer
Chytonix palliatricula
9556Chytonix palliatricula
Cloaked Marvel Moth
Phosphila turbulenta
9618Phosphila turbulenta
Turbulent Phosphila Moth
Athetis tarda
9650Athetis tarda
Slowpoke Moth
Elaphria alapallida
9681.1Elaphria alapallida
Pale-winged Midget Moth
Cosmia calami
9815Cosmia calami
American Dun-bar Moth
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