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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Arlene Ripley's Moths of Arizona and Maryland

All photographs Arlene Ripley


160099.850058.97 – Unidentified Ectodoemia Moths – Ectoedemia sp.
Ectoedemia sp.
3001080263.5Nemapogon clematella
Nemapogon clematella
3001240283Oenoe hybromella
Oenoe hybromella
300136.970295.97 – Unidentified Homosetia Moths – Homosetia sp.
Homosetia sp.
3001860305 – Two-spotted Mea Moth – Mea bipunctella
Mea bipunctella
3002230317 – Clemens' Bark Moth – Xylesthia pruniramiella
Xylesthia pruniramiella
Xylesthia pruniramiella
3000060319Kearfottia albifasciella
Kearfottia albifasciella
Kearfottia albifasciella
3002140322Dyotopasta yumaella
Dyotopasta yumaella
3000460334Amydria effrentella
Amydria effrentella
3000790359Acrolophus laticapitana
Acrolophus laticapitana
Acrolophus laticapitana
3000710371 – Piger Grass Tubeworm – Acrolophus piger
Acrolophus piger
3000520383 – Texas Grass Tubeworm – Acrolophus texanella
Acrolophus texanella
3000950385Acrolophus variabilis
Acrolophus variabilis
300103.860386.97 – Unidentified Acrolophus Moths – Acrolophus sp.
Acrolophus sp.
Acrolophus sp.
Acrolophus sp.
3001520400 – Mandarin Tinea Moth – Tinea mandarinella
Tinea mandarinella
3001710416 – Skunkback Monopis Moth – Monopis dorsistrigella
Monopis dorsistrigella
300198.860434.99 – Unidentified Tineid Moths – Tineidae sp.
Tineidae sp.
Tineidae sp.
3002200462Philonome clemensella
Philonome clemensella
Philonome clemensella
300212.970476.97 – Unidentified Corythophora Moths – Corythophora sp.
Corythophora sp.
330103.970582.97 – Unidentified Bucculatrix Moths – Bucculatrix sp.
Bucculatrix sp.


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