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Tom Murray's Mainly Massachusetts Moths

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0700030005 – Purplish Birch-miner – Eriocrania semipurpurella
Eriocrania semipurpurella
1600680037 – Hard Maple Budminer – Etainia ochrefasciella
Etainia ochrefasciella
Etainia ochrefasciella
1600780055Zimmermannia bosquella
Zimmermannia bosquella
160099.850058.97 – Unidentified Ectodoemia Moths – Ectoedemia sp.
Ectoedemia sp.
160003.850111.97 – Unidentified Stigmella Moths – Stigmella sp.
Stigmella sp.
Stigmella sp.
1601030119Pseudopostega cretea
Pseudopostega cretea
1601020121Pseudopostega albogaleriella
Pseudopostega albogaleriella
2100040180.1 – Raspberry Bud Moth – Lampronia corticella
Lampronia corticella
Lampronia corticella
2100690181 – Maple Leafcutter Moth – Paraclemensia acerifoliella
Paraclemensia acerifoliella
2100710183Phylloporia bistrigella
Phylloporia bistrigella
2101020212Cauchas dietziella
Cauchas dietziella
2101180228 – Ridings' Fairy Moth – Adela ridingsella
Adela ridingsella
Adela ridingsella
Adela ridingsella
3001060262Nemapogon angulifasciella
Nemapogon angulifasciella
3001070263Nemapogon auropulvella
Nemapogon auropulvella
3001080263.5Nemapogon clematella
Nemapogon clematella
300121.970275.97 – Unidentified Nemapogon Moths – Nemapogon sp.
Nemapogon sp.
3002240276Doleromorpha porphyria
Doleromorpha porphyria
3000010277Eudarcia eunitariaeella
Eudarcia eunitariaeella
3002130279Diachorisia velatella
Diachorisia velatella
3001230282Leucomele miriamella
Leucomele miriamella


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