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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Arlene Ripley's Moths of Arizona and Maryland

All photographs Arlene Ripley

9107406312Macaria deceptrix
Macaria deceptrix
Macaria deceptrix
Macaria deceptrix
Macaria deceptrix
9107486317Macaria pallipennata
Macaria pallipennata
9107736325Letispe metanemaria
Letispe metanemaria
9107826372Digrammia pictipennata
Digrammia pictipennata
9107756381 – Creosote Moth – Digrammia colorata
Digrammia colorata
9107766383Digrammia pervolata
Digrammia pervolata
9108246407Rindgea nigricomma
Rindgea nigricomma
9108326414 – Signate Looper Moth – Rindgea s-signata
Rindgea s-signata
Rindgea s-signata
9108336415 – Mesquite Looper Moth – Rindgea cyda
Rindgea cyda
9108356417Rindgea hypaethrata
Rindgea hypaethrata
9108376420 – Green Broomweed Looper Moth – Fernaldella fimetaria
Fernaldella fimetaria
9106826425Taeniogramma tenebrosata
Taeniogramma tenebrosata
910934.976518.97 – Unidentified Glaucina Moths – Glaucina sp.
Glaucina sp.
Glaucina sp.
9109916573Iridopsis dataria
Iridopsis dataria
9111216700 – Bicolored Chloraspilates Moth – Chloraspilates bicoloraria
Chloraspilates bicoloraria
Chloraspilates bicoloraria
9111726747 – Meske's Pero Moth – Pero meskaria
Pero meskaria
9113596918Eucaterva variaria
Eucaterva variaria
Eucaterva variaria
9113676926 – Sagebrush Girdle Moth – Plataea trilinearia
Plataea trilinearia
Plataea trilinearia
9106277046 – Red-fringed Emerald Moth – Nemoria bistriaria
Nemoria bistriaria
9106387057 – Phoenix Emerald Moth – Dichordophora phoenix
Dichordophora phoenix
9106407059 – Southern Emerald Moth – Synchlora frondaria
Synchlora frondaria
9106577074 – Thin-lined Chlorochlamys Moth – Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
9105037097 – Straight-lined Wave – Lobocleta plemyraria
Lobocleta plemyraria
9105167110 – Red-and-white Wave – Idaea basinta
Idaea basinta
9105237114 – Red-Bordered Wave – Idaea demissaria
Idaea demissaria
9105247115 – Straw Wave – Idaea eremiata
Idaea eremiata
9104907128Arcobara multilineata
Arcobara multilineata
9105387130Odontoptila obrimo
Odontoptila obrimo
Odontoptila obrimo
9105497141Semaeopus ella
Semaeopus ella
9105507142Semaeopus gracilata
Semaeopus gracilata
9101717328Perizoma custodiata
Perizoma custodiata
Perizoma custodiata
Perizoma custodiata
9102917444Eubaphe unicolor
Eubaphe unicolor
Eubaphe unicolor

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