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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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Epiblemidae through Lymantriiidae
8900027664Apatelodes pudefacta
Apatelodes pudefacta
8700207669Hypopacha grisea
Hypopacha grisea
8700287677Tolype distincta
Tolype distincta
8700297678Tolype nigricaria
Tolype nigricaria
Tolype nigricaria
Tolype nigricaria
8700327681Apotolype brevicrista
Apotolype brevicrista
8700347684Artace colaria
Artace colaria
Artace colaria
8700077691Quadrina diazoma
Quadrina diazoma
8700087692Dicogaster coronada
Dicogaster coronada
8700097693Gloveria howardi
Gloveria howardi
Gloveria howardi
8700117695Gloveria gargamelle
Gloveria gargamelle
Gloveria gargamelle
Gloveria gargamelle
8700127696Gloveria arizonensis
Gloveria arizonensis
8700197703 – Southwestern Tent Caterpillar Moth – Malacosoma incurva
Malacosoma incurva
8900137705 – Oslar's Imperial Moth – Eacles oslari
Eacles oslari
Eacles oslari
8900117707Citheronia splendens
Citheronia splendens
8900217722 – Oslar's Oakworm Moth – Anisota oslari
Anisota oslari
8900387728 – Hualapai Buckmoth – Hemileuca hualapai
Hemileuca hualapai
Hemileuca hualapai
8900717757.1 – Western Polyphemus Moth – Antheraea oculea
Antheraea oculea
8900787763 – Calleta Silkmoth – Eupackardia calleta
Eupackardia calleta
8900947781 – Muscosa Sphinx Moth – Manduca muscosa
Manduca muscosa
8900957782Manduca florestan
Manduca florestan
8901047788 – Sonora Sphinx Moth – Ceratomia sonorensis
Ceratomia sonorensis
8901327799 – Istar Sphinx Moth – Lintneria istar
Lintneria istar
8901157806Sphinx asellus
Sphinx asellus
Sphinx asellus
8901437823Smerinthus saliceti
Smerinthus saliceti
8901497829 – Western Poplar Sphinx Moth – Pachysphinx occidentalis
Pachysphinx occidentalis
8901547834 – Ello Sphinx Moth – Erinnyis ello
Erinnyis ello
8901697848 – Clavipes Sphinx Moth – Aellopos clavipes
Aellopos clavipes
8901857863 – Typhon Sphinx Moth – Eumorpha typhon
Eumorpha typhon
8902107889 – Falcon Sphinx Moth – Xylophanes falco
Xylophanes falco
9300057897 – Clostera inornata – Clostera inornata
Clostera inornata
9300397908 – Spotted Datana – Datana perspicua
Datana perspicua
930045.17914Datana perfusa
Datana perfusa
Datana perfusa
Datana perfusa
9300197931 – Common Gluphisia – Gluphisia septentrionis
Gluphisia septentrionis
Gluphisia septentrionis
Gluphisia septentrionis
9300207932Gluphisia wrightii
Gluphisia wrightii
9300287940 – Zigzag Furcula – Furcula scolopendrina
Furcula scolopendrina
9301257949Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
9301317955Symmerista zacualpana
Symmerista zacualpana
9301337957 – Black-spotted Prominent – Dasylophia anguina
Dasylophia anguina
9301357959Dasylophia seriata
Dasylophia seriata
Dasylophia seriata
9301367960Notela jaliscana
Notela jaliscana


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