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Tom Murray's Mainly Massachusetts Moths

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Arctiidae through Lymantriidae
9303568037 – Police Car Moth – Gnophaela vermiculata
Gnophaela vermiculata
9301838066 – Thin-banded Lichen Moth – Cisthene tenuifascia
Cisthene tenuifascia
9301958078Cisthene martini
Cisthene martini
9302018087 – Black-and-yellow Lichen Moth – Lycomorpha pholus
Lycomorpha pholus
Lycomorpha pholus
9303488105 – Ornate Bella Moth – Utetheisa ornatrix
Utetheisa ornatrix
Utetheisa ornatrix
9303418107 – Clymene Moth – Haploa clymene
Haploa clymene
Haploa clymene
9303458111 – Leconte's Haploa Moth – Haploa lecontei
Haploa lecontei
9302978118 – Tawny Holomelina Moth – Virbia opella
Virbia opella
9303068123 – Rusty Holomelina Moth – Virbia ferruginosa
Virbia ferruginosa
9303358129 – Isabella Tiger Moth – Pyrrharctia isabella
Pyrrharctia isabella


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