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Nolie Schneider's Moths of Ottawa, Ontario

All photographs Nolie Schneider


0100010001 – Goldcap Moss-eater – Epimartyria auricrinella
Epimartyria auricrinella
1100180021 – Willow Ghost Moth – Sthenopis thule
Sthenopis thule
Sthenopis thule
1601070122 – Gooseberry Barkminer – Pseudopostega quadristrigella
Pseudopostega quadristrigella
3001150269Nemapogon multistriatella
Nemapogon multistriatella
3001200274Nemapogon tylodes
Nemapogon tylodes
3001570405 – Casemaking Clothes Moth – Tinea pellionella
Tinea pellionella
3001760421Monopis spilotella
Monopis spilotella
3000080437 – Common Bagworm – Psyche casta
Psyche casta
Psyche casta
3300400522Bucculatrix angustata
Bucculatrix angustata
3301520630 – Sumac Leafblotch Miner – Caloptilia rhoifoliella
Caloptilia rhoifoliella
Caloptilia rhoifoliella
3301590637Caloptilia serotinella
Caloptilia serotinella
3301610639Caloptilia stigmatella
Caloptilia stigmatella
3301660642Caloptilia umbratella
Caloptilia umbratella
330169.970645.97 – Unidentified Caloptilias – Caloptilia sp.
Caloptilia sp.
Caloptilia sp.
Caloptilia sp.
Caloptilia sp.
              Willow Leafblotch Miner – Micrurapteryx salicifoliella
Micrurapteryx salicifoliella
Micrurapteryx salicifoliella
Micrurapteryx salicifoliella

3302190693Acrocercops pnosmodiella
Acrocercops pnosmodiella
Acrocercops pnosmodiella
3303610823 – Solitary Oak Leafminer – Cameraria hamadryadella
Cameraria hamadryadella
              Curved-line Agonopterix – Agonopterix curvilineella
Agonopterix curvilineella
4200760864Agonopterix atrodorsella
Agonopterix atrodorsella


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