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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bob Patterson – Bowie, Maryland
Caloptilia azaleella
0592Caloptilia azaleella
Azalea Leafminer
Caloptilia bimaculatella
0595Caloptilia bimaculatella
Caloptilia blandella
0596Caloptilia blandella
Caloptilia rhoifoliella
0630Caloptilia rhoifoliella
Sumac Leafblotch Miner
Caloptilia serotinella
0637Caloptilia serotinella
Caloptilia violacella
0644Caloptilia violacella
Parectopa robiniella
0657Parectopa robiniella
Locust Digitate Leafminer
Parectopa sp.
0658.97Parectopa sp.
Unidentified Parectopa Moths
Neurobathra strigifinitella
0663Neurobathra strigifinitella
Parornix sp.
0686.97Parornix sp.
Unidentified Parornix Moths
Acrocercops albinatella
0689Acrocercops albinatella
Acrocercops sp.
0697.97Acrocercops sp.
Unidentified Acrocercops Moths
Marmara fasciella
0708Marmara fasciella
White Pine Barkminer
Marmara sp.
0718.97Marmara sp.
Unidentified Marmara Moths
Marmara sp.
0718.97Marmara sp.
Unidentified Marmara Moths
Gracillariidae sp.
0718.99Gracillariidae sp.
Unidentified Gracillariid Moths
Phyllonorycter basistrigella
0738Phyllonorycter basistrigella
Phyllonorycter blancardella
0740Phyllonorycter blancardella
Spotted Tentiform Leafminer
Phyllonorycter fitchella
0752Phyllonorycter fitchella
Phyllonorycter lucidicostella
0765Phyllonorycter lucidicostella
Lesser Maple Leaf Blotch Miner
Phyllonorycter lucidicostella
0765Phyllonorycter lucidicostella
Lesser Maple Leaf Blotch Miner
Macrosaccus robiniella
0790Macrosaccus robiniella
Cameraria bethunella
0809Cameraria bethunella
Cameraria cincinnatiella
0815Cameraria cincinnatiella
Gregarious Oak Leafminer
Chrysaster ostensackenella
0842Chrysaster ostensackenella
Phyllocnistis sp.
0854.97Phyllocnistis sp.
Unidentified Phyllocnictis Moths
Agonopterix curvilineella
0859Agonopterix curvilineella
Curved-line Agonopterix
Agonopterix pulvipennella
0867Agonopterix pulvipennella
Agonopterix robiniella
0882Agonopterix robiniella
Four-dotted Agonopterix
Agonopterix thelmae
0884Agonopterix thelmae
Thelma's Agonopterix
Agonopterix argillacea
0889Agonopterix argillacea
Agonopterix sp.
0898.97Agonopterix sp.
Unidentified Agonopterix Moths
Machimia tentoriferella
0951Machimia tentoriferella
Gold-striped Leaftier
Psilocorsis quercicella
0955Psilocorsis quercicella
Oak Leaftier
Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
0956Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
Black-fringed Leaftier
Psilocorsis reflexella
0957Psilocorsis reflexella
Dotted Leaftier
Antaeotricha schlaegeri
1011Antaeotricha schlaegeri
Schlaeger's Fruitworm Moth
Antaeotricha leucillana
1014Antaeotricha leucillana
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Antaeotricha humilis
1019Antaeotricha humilis
Dotted Anteotricha Moth
Rectiostoma xanthobasis
1026Rectiostoma xanthobasis
Yellow-vested Moth
Gonioterma mistrella
1032Gonioterma mistrella
Gonioterma mistrella
1032Gonioterma mistrella
Gonioterma mistrella
1032Gonioterma mistrella
Inga sparsiciliella
1034Inga sparsiciliella
Black-marked Inga Moth
Inga cretacea
1035Inga cretacea
Chalky Inga Moth
Decantha boreasella
1042Decantha boreasella
Reticulated Decantha Moth
Callima argenticinctella
1046Callima argenticinctella
Orange-headed Epicallima Moth
Promalactis suzukiella
1047.1Promalactis suzukiella
Suzuki's Promalactis Moth
Oecophorinae sp.
1069.98Oecophorinae sp.
Unid. Oecophorine Moths
Oegoconia novimundi
1134Oegoconia novimundi
Four-spotted Yellowneck Moth
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