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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by John Himmelman – Killingworth, Connecticut
Sthenopis argenteomaculatus
0018Sthenopis argenteomaculatus
Silver-spotted Ghost Moth
Psyche casta
0437Psyche casta
Common Bagworm
Psyche casta
0437Psyche casta
Common Bagworm
Caloptilia sp.
0645.97Caloptilia sp.
Unidentified Caloptilia Moths
Antaeotricha schlaegeri
1011Antaeotricha schlaegeri
Schlaeger's Fruitworm Moth
Antaeotricha leucillana
1014Antaeotricha leucillana
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Coleophora atromarginata
1257Coleophora atromarginata
American Pistol Casebearer
Vitacea polistiformis
2530Vitacea polistiformis
Grape Root Borer
Melittia cucurbitae
2536Melittia cucurbitae
Squash Vine Borer
Prochoreutis inflatella
2629Prochoreutis inflatella
Skullcap Skeletonizer
Prionoxystus robiniae
2693Prionoxystus robiniae
Acleris maculidorsana
3543Acleris maculidorsana
Stained-back Leafroller
Pandemis limitata
3594Pandemis limitata
Three-lined Leafroller
Argyrotaenia alisellana
3624Argyrotaenia alisellana
White-spotted Leafroller
Archips semiferanus
3653Archips semiferanus
Oak Leafroller
Clepsis melaleucanus
3686Clepsis melaleucanus
Black-patched Clepsis Moth
Pyromorpha dimidiata
4639Pyromorpha dimidiata
Orange-patched Smoky Moth
Megalopyge crispata
4644Megalopyge crispata
Black-waved Flannel Moth
Euclea delphinii
4697Euclea delphinii
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Desmia funeralis
5159Desmia funeralis
Grape Leaffolder Moth
Vaxi auratellus
5465Vaxi auratellus
Curve-lined Argyria Moth
Pseudothyris sepulchralis
6077Pseudothyris sepulchralis
Mournful Thyris Moth
Geina tenuidactylus
6092Geina tenuidactylus
Slender-lobed Plume (Himmelman's Plume Moth)
Drepana arcuata
6251Drepana arcuata
Arched Hooktip Moth
Alsophila pometaria
6258Alsophila pometaria
Fall Cankerworm Moth
Epelis truncataria
6321Epelis truncataria
Black-banded Orange Moth
Erannis tiliaria
6665Erannis tiliaria
Linden Looper Moth
Euchlaena tigrinaria
6737Euchlaena tigrinaria
Mottled Euchlaena Moth
Plagodis alcoolaria
6844Plagodis alcoolaria
Hollow-spotted Plagodis Moth
Hethemia pistasciaria
7084Hethemia pistasciaria
Pistachio Emerald Moth
Haematopis grataria
7146Haematopis grataria
Chickweed Geometer Moth
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Large Lace-border Moth
Epirrita autumnata
7433Epirrita autumnata
Autumnal Moth
Cladara atroliturata
7639Cladara atroliturata
Scribbler Moth
Phyllodesma americana
7687Phyllodesma americana
Lappet Moth
Malacosoma disstria
7698Malacosoma disstria
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth
Malacosoma americana
7701Malacosoma americana
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda
7715Dryocampa rubicunda
Rosy Maple Moth
Antheraea polyphemus
7757Antheraea polyphemus
Polyphemus Moth
Actias luna
7758Actias luna
Luna Moth
Callosamia promethea
7764Callosamia promethea
Promethea Moth
Manduca sexta
7775Manduca sexta
Carolina Sphinx Moth
Manduca sexta
7775Manduca sexta
Carolina Sphinx Moth
Ceratomia undulosa
7787Ceratomia undulosa
Waved Sphinx
Sphinx gordius
7810Sphinx gordius
Apple Sphinx Moth
Paonias excaecata
7824Paonias excaecata
Blind-eyed Sphinx Moth
Hemaris thysbe
7853Hemaris thysbe
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Hemaris diffinis
7855Hemaris diffinis
Snowberry Clearwing Moth
Deidamia inscriptum
7871Deidamia inscriptum
Lettered Sphinx Moth
Darapsa myron
7885Darapsa myron
Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth
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