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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by David Silsbee – Mansfield, Connecticut
Acrolophus arcanella
0340Acrolophus arcanella
Grass Tubeworm
Monopis longella
0418.10Monopis longella
Semioscopis merriccella
0913Semioscopis merriccella
Yponomeuta cagnagella
2423.1Yponomeuta cagnagella
Spindle Ermine Moth
Acleris flavivittana
3542Acleris flavivittana
Multiform Leafroller
Eulia ministrana
3565Eulia ministrana
Ferruginous Eulia Moth
Packardia geminata
4659Packardia geminata
Jeweled Tailed Slug Moth
Euclea delphinii
4697Euclea delphinii
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Oneida lunulalis
5588Oneida lunulalis
Orange-tufted Oneida Moth
Aphomia sociella
5629Aphomia sociella
The Bee Moth
Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides
6237Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides
Tufted Thyatirid Moth
Euthyatira pudens
6240Euthyatira pudens
Dogwood Thyatirid Moth
Drepana arcuata
6251Drepana arcuata
Arched Hooktip Moth
Macaria minorata
6340Macaria minorata
Minor Angle Moth
Macaria multilineata
6353Macaria multilineata
Many-lined Angle Moth
Iridopsis larvaria
6588Iridopsis larvaria
Bent-line Gray Moth
Melanolophia canadaria
6620Melanolophia canadaria
Canadian Melanolophia Moth
Melanolophia signataria
6621Melanolophia signataria
Signate Melanolophia Moth
Eufidonia notataria
6638Eufidonia notataria
Powder Moth
Lycia ursaria
6651Lycia ursaria
Stout Spanworm Moth
Hypagyrtis unipunctata
6654Hypagyrtis unipunctata
One-spotted Variant Moth
Hypagyrtis esther
6655Hypagyrtis esther
Esther Moth
Lomographa glomeraria
6668Lomographa glomeraria
Gray Spring Moth
Euchlaena irraria
6739Euchlaena irraria
Least-marked Euchlaena Moth
Xanthotype urticaria
6740Xanthotype urticaria
False Crocus Geometer Moth
Xanthotype urticaria
6740Xanthotype urticaria
False Crocus Geometer Moth
Phaeoura quernaria
6763Phaeoura quernaria
Oak Beauty Moth
Campaea perlata
6796Campaea perlata
Pale Beauty Moth
Homochlodes disconventa
6813Homochlodes disconventa
Metarranthis indeclinata
6825Metarranthis indeclinata
Pale Metarranthis Moth
Cepphis armataria
6835Cepphis armataria
Scallop Moth
Plagodis pulveraria
6836Plagodis pulveraria
American Barred Umber Moth
Plagodis serinaria
6840Plagodis serinaria
Lemon Plagodis Moth
Plagodis fervidaria
6843Plagodis fervidaria
Fervid Plagodis Moth
Caripeta piniata
6864Caripeta piniata
Northern Pine Looper Moth
Besma endropiaria
6884Besma endropiaria
Straw Besma Moth
Lambdina fiscellaria
6888Lambdina fiscellaria
Hemlock Looper Moth
Eugonobapta nivosaria
6965Eugonobapta nivosaria
Snowy Geometer Moth
Patalene olyzonaria
6974Patalene olyzonaria
Juniper Geometer Moth
Antepione thisoaria
6987Antepione thisoaria
Variable Antepione Moth
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Horned Spanworm Moth
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Horned Spanworm Moth
Eulithis diversilineata
7196Eulithis diversilineata
Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth
Eulithis explanata
7206Eulithis explanata
White Eulithis Moth
Rheumaptera undulata
7291Rheumaptera undulata
Anticlea vasiliata
7329Anticlea vasiliata
Variable Carpet Moth
Anticlea multiferata
7330Anticlea multiferata
Many-lined Carpet Moth
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
7388Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Red Twin-Spot Moth
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria
7416Costaconvexa centrostrigaria
Bent-line Carpet Moth
Trichodezia albovittata
7430Trichodezia albovittata
White-striped Black Moth
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